basketball tattoo design ideas

basketball tattoo design ideas

basketball tattoo design ideas

basketball tattoo design ideas

There are no two ways about it – basketball tattoos are gotten by hardcore fans and players. These uncommon designs are featured on the skin of those with a true passion for both body art and the game. This dedicated zeal may be strange to some, but to those who get them, the idea just makes sense.

Many basketball tattoos focus on the icons of the game such as nets, basketballs, jerseys, and even logos of favored teams or the numbers of a favorite player. Designs that focus on these items tend to include other images, like flames blazing from a ball that is being thrust to the ground, or bursting through a five-point star; the glass shattering around a net, or the image of a fierce animal with a logo or number printed onto its fur. Numbers or team names (despite their original coloring) may also be printed in metallic shades, or given an extra gleam in hue. These items are also frequently used for memorial-type designs; usually as an expression of one of the passions of a loved one or friend.

Although less common, basketball tattoos that feature actual players can occasionally be seen. These are sometimes life-like portraits of iconic basketball players that the wearer has an affinity for. They may also be cartoon-styled depictions that may or may not portray an actual, living player. Sometimes this style of art shows the player on the basketball court – usually dribbling or shooting the ball; in other instances, the player may be in a more unusual setting, like jumping from the top of a mountain (including a dramatic sunset framing the player from the back), or even leaping into space. The player may also be unusual, and may be depicted as an upright animal, an exaggerated caricature, or even as a well known cartoon character.

Some basketball tattoos feature the paraphernalia in unusual ways. For example, you might see a golden, silver or bronzed basketball – maybe even placed on a pedestal or atop a crown. You may also see the ball plummeting towards earth like an asteroid, flying away from it on wings, or sprouting bursts of sunlight.

Although basketball tattoos may seem like an odd choice to some, those who get them tend to remain passionate about them forever. These pieces usually signify a true love for their chosen sport, and a certain amount of loyalty to those who dedicate their lives to it.

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