angel wings with guns tattoos

angel wings with guns tattoos

angel wings with guns tattoos

angel wings with guns tattoos

Gun tattoos are often seen as a tough symbol. They tend to be an emblem of strength and the security a person feels knowing that they are protected. Although this design is favored by men, many women also feel that this rugged symbol applies to the strong, unyielding nature of their own personality.

Many gun tattoos feature the weapon by itself. It is not unusual to see two guns placed on either hip, for easy access, as with a holster. They are also frequently seen along the top of each shoulder blade, or on the lower stomach, so as to give the appearance of being lodged below a person’s belt. Although it is quite common to see modern hand guns, shotguns, and even machine guns, it can be very unique to use a more antique equivalent. For instance, a long barreled Colt revolver from the 1800’s might make for an interesting choice. With this variety of gun, you could expand on your design by adding scroll work patterns to the barrel, gems and wood to the butt.

Some gun tattoos show the weapon in action. Fire could be bursting from the barrel; a bullet may be flying from the tip, and possibly piercing the skin of the wearer. Some people like their gun tattoos to depict a variety of meanings. An example of this would be to place a small, delicate flower blooming from the cold metal barrel of the gun. This could easily be a representation of peace, or show the contrast between the fragile beauty of life, and the hard reality of death.

Less common, but equally interesting, are gun tattoos featuring people. It is not unusual to see the image of a hunter or gangster brandishing his gun. Another example would of either a prim Victorian lady polishing her pearl handled pistol; or a curvy pulp fiction character pressing the silver muzzle of her revolver against bright red, pouty lips.

Although most gun tattoos are meant to convey the character of a determined personality, it is not unusual for them to also be an expression of duality, sensuality and potency.

Source: tattoos-and-art

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