angel wing back tattoos

angel wing back tattoos

angel wing back tattoos

angel wing back tattoos

INterestingly enough the angels present in the Western bible never had wings. If you read inthe old or new testment the angels and seraphim where very much human like in every way. In fact they did not even have a pair of wings. However, they were always the bearer ofimportant new from God. They often came down to earth to spread an important message. Often apperaing in dreams or during times of deep prayer to people and giving some form of important advice.

However, somehwere early on in history artists including painters, stain glass artists and even calligraphers that created illuminated pages of the bible seemed to incorporate a pair of wings with the angels, speraphim and nymphs that came to earth. Why this was done or where it started has been lost in history but it can be seen almost everywhere.

In modern art this traditional of angel wings has continued. You really can no longer find an angelic bieng without a pair of white feathery wings. It could be that early artists just wanted to show an angels special powers and have some way to represent an angel as looking different then humans. Of course the ideas that Haven is somehwere above us in the clouds or way up in the sky in some magical place must’ve lead early artists to the conclusion that angels had to have some form of transportation between heaven and earth. This might have lead to the wide use of angel wings. Who knows how this really got all started but it is clear today anyone with a pair of wings must be a special being from God.

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